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Memory for a DL 380 G5

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Memory for a DL 380 G5



what kind of memory do fit in this type of server?


Is it only DDR2 5300F (FBD) memory blocks that can be used?


Is FBD memory always covered with this metal thing?



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Re: Memory for a DL 380 G5

Check out the QuickSpecs (Product Bulletin) page for this sort of info:!spectype=worldwide&type=html&docid=12477


  • Up to 64 GB PC2-5300 Fully Buffered DIMMs (DDR2-667) with 4:1 and 2:1 interleaving available, online spare and mirrored memory capabilities


FBD's are notched differently than standard DDR DIMMs so they are not interchangeable.  Not sure all FBD's have the metal bracket.  Perhaps its heat sink of sorts or just a bracket to protect the chips?



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