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Modem attached to MUX PM16-DB

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Modem attached to MUX PM16-DB


I need to attach some Multitech Systems modems to a PM16-DB. I will need a double ended DB25 cable from the modem to the MUX, however I'm not sure whether or not the cable has to be a certain type. I've heard rumours that modems on HP require the cable to be wired a certain way. Does anyone have any further info on this or a part number for the cable please ?

Also, I've been asked to set the modems up in classes so that application x can use modems a/b/c depending on which one is free, however I can't find any info on this either.

I would really appreciate any help/pointers on these issues.

Many thanks,
Nick .
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Re: Modem attached to MUX PM16-DB

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Re: Modem attached to MUX PM16-DB

Thanks for the link sajeer.

However, Im using pci_mux0 not eisa_mux0.
That doc does not mention the type of cable needed for pci so Im still struggling a bit for that info.

If anyone has anymore pointers it would be appreciated.

Nick .
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Re: Modem attached to MUX PM16-DB

You just need to get an rs232 null modem convertor ( to swap rx and tx) and to finish off a male-male (pins both sides) gender changer or cable and you should be able to plug into the back of your modem.

I had the J???? cable to convert the rj45 from the octopus fan-out cable (I think you have the panel version instead) to DB25 - then a DB25-DB25 null modem and then gender changer to get the pins for the modem

Did this a while ago with a Multitech ZDX 56k modem and it worked a treat.
Had to load the kernel drivers for pci_mux & mux tty software from the applications cd #1
Used Kermit to test the modem.

Hope this is of help
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Re: Modem attached to MUX PM16-DB

Hi Ian,

thats a great help, thanks for taking the time to explain it :)

Nick .