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Monitoring a Compaq T2400h UPS - How?

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Monitoring a Compaq T2400h UPS - How?

I feel like ive tried everything, but cant seem to work out what software is needed to monitor this UPS.
Ive tried HP insight manager and HP power manager, but when it tries to detect the UPS it says its not compatible with the software.
So then I managed to try Compaq insight manager and power manager, but its a nightmare to use. The agents wont install (seem to need windows NT, im running Win2k). I seem to have installed some power manager agent, but it doesnt run, and i cant manually start it. The UPS button doesnt appear in the compaq insight manager either.

Any info is appreciated, maybe even which software I should be using so I know for sure.

ps. is there nowhere to post UPS related Q's?
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Re: Monitoring a Compaq T2400h UPS - How?


You will need to use CPM 1.81 which is downloadable from here

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Re: Monitoring a Compaq T2400h UPS - How?

I use windows 2003 Server. Exists a software for monitoring and shutdown the server when the power is down?