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Need USB KVM switch recommendation

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Need USB KVM switch recommendation

We have an HP 9000/800/L3000-5x. We are purchasing an HP Integrity RX5670 Itanium2. The 9000 uses USB keyboard and mouse. I assume that the Itanium2 uses the same type mouse and keyboard. We want to share the mouse, keyboard, and monitor with a KVM switch. There are many switches to choose from, but we have no proof that any of them will actually work with this combination of HPs. Has anyone out there actually used a KVM switch with the above mentioned hardware? Has anyone used a KVM switch with SIMILAR hardware using USB mouse and keyboard? Any help would be appreciated.


Darrell Tschakert
I'll add a quote when I think of one.
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Re: Need USB KVM switch recommendation

Actually we use a KVM switch for SUNS/NT/2000 switching mouse console and keyboard input.

We use Cybex 4040s and avocent ds1800 for non HP. We use the console across IP for HPs.


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Re: Need USB KVM switch recommendation


You are correct, the rx5670 *could* use USB for keyboard and mouse as well, but it is optional ( see ) because most people do not directly access the console of a server. Instead they normally use either a serially connected web console, or a plain old serial console.

I would determine if your BOM included the USB ports first before deciding on a KVM switch.

Good Luck!