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Network rack vertical cabling

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Network rack vertical cabling

We recently purchased a couple of racks - HP 42U 800mm x 1200mm Advanced Shock Network Rack (H6J74A)  and I'm wondering how to do vertical cable management on the front side.

The idea was to place UTP/opto patch pannels on the top and have switches placed in the same rack. All connections between switches and between switches and patch panels would be done using short patch cables routed vertically on the front side (back side is used to route power and cables going out from the rack towards other racks).

Basically there's a lot of space to fit cables but on the front side there are no railings or holes to attach straps or anything to bind and fix cables.


Any suggestions welcome!

Jan Soska
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Re: Network rack vertical cabling


we did similar cabling project 2 years ago. We placed UTP/opto patch pannels and put switches between pannels in way, that one 1U 48 port switch has 3x2U pannel as close as posible, then we used 0,5m patch cables. Result is very good. No need of vertical patching, everything is clear and easy to manage.