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No Power Protection Agent sync.

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No Power Protection Agent sync.

I am installing two new HP R3000 XR UPSs. I upgraded to the newest firmware and the newest UPS Power Protection Agent, however I cannot get any servers to acknowledge communication with the management card on the UPS. All firewalls are disabled; I have the same problem on windows 2003 and 2008. Using a sniffer I can verify that the mgmt module is pinging the servers and the servers are responding. There is also some type additional IP communication between the agent service and the management card but the agent on my servers never goes green.

Firmware Version 2.0.09
Hardware Version 1.00.A

Any help would be appreciated,
Brian Vo
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Re: No Power Protection Agent sync.


2 steps:
-Go to Setup ---> Attach Device option to add the protected servers that have PPA (Power Protection Agent) installed, depend on a serial or a network connection. For network connection, enter the IP of the protected server. For serial connection, enter the serial port on the HPMM module that your protected server connected it to.
-Run Configure on your PPA, enter the IP of the HPMM module on the Management Module 1 box, if you don't configure redundant then select "No Server" for the Management Module 2 box.

Do add 1 device (server) at a time. It takes about 1.5 minutes to see the icon become green. Make sure both your HPMM and PPA's IPs are on the same subnet.

Also recommend to upgrade your R3000 to the latest FW=2.02. You can temporarily set HPMM into Pass-through mode so it would act as a serial card right before upgrade.

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Re: No Power Protection Agent sync.

Thanks for the assistance. I just got back to this after an encounter with H1N1.
That actually consolidates the steps well thank you. I did double check my configuration with your steeps and everything looks good. I did finally find the problem.

I preconfigured all 4 servers in the management module before installing the server agents. Apparently the management module will fail if there are 3 or more disconnected servers at once. After I installed the agent on all of the servers they started coming up. Itâ s annoying but workable.

We switched to HP from APC a few months because HP UPSâ s from a hardware standpoint outclasses APC by a mile. I just wish they would hire a few good developers. The software continues to have odd glitches we need to work around and lacks a few basic features APC has had for 10 years. Itâ s almost like the software was slapped together by hardware engineers rather than designed by software developers.

Here are a few other Glitches I have found:

Selecting a help link while the management controller is accessed by HTTPS freezes the controller for 5 or 6 minutes, and disconnects from the server agents.

There is no way to guarantee the UPS will have enough power to shut down servers for secondary power failures.

There is no way to encrypt communication between server and management card. I suspect it would be fairly easy to send a spoofed packet that would shutdown all of your servers.

Even when the agent does work it will bounce regularly up and down showing errors in the windows system notification tray.

I have more but Iâ m sure no one wants to hear me go on, hopefully someone from HP will at least hear my pain.

Thanks again,