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Operating system dvd

Marta Blasco
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Operating system dvd

Hi, we've bought a Proliant DL20 Gen 9. We've received this afternoon and the operating system dvd (Server 2016 Essentials ROK) is broken. I'd need to install this weekend, and now I've begun to download from Microsoft web the trial version. 
Can anybody confirm me if I enter my licence, this iso will be like the dvd? or there is a link where to download it?

Thanks very much


Re: Operating system dvd


With regards to Operating system damaged media, Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers replacement media for different Windows Server products purchased from HPE or an HPE authorized reseller. To see the list of available media kits and place a request go to A media kit for replacement may only be requested from Hewlett Packard Enterprise for a Windows Server license purchased from HPE or an HPE authorized reseller, proof of purchase is required.

Replacement kits do not include product key for activation. Media replacement kits are shipped from three different locations worldwide, allow 1–2 weeks for delivery (depending on customs requirements and shipping method). Upon order fulfillment, you will receive an email with shipment tracking number and expected delivery details.

There is difference between an HPE OEM license and a Microsoft Channel OEM (COEM) license:

Microsoft sells a COEM, or “System Builder,” license to resellers globally. This product warranty is not supported by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, but rather by Microsoft.

One visible difference between HPE OEM and COEM products is that the COA label is different. The product name will be either “Microsoft” for COEM products or “HPE” for HPE OEM products.

HPE OEM licenses, including the HPE ROK licenses, offer the very same Windows Server operating system you would get directly from Microsoft. However, through our OEM agreement with Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is able to optimize Windows Server specifically for HPE servers and it is BIOS-locked to ensure it can only be installed on HPE servers.

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