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PLEASE help - HP branded Intel adapters firmware

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PLEASE help - HP branded Intel adapters firmware

I am hoping someone can help. I have called HP support on 3 separate occasions and have spent hours trying to find answer. Perhaps the information is clearly posted somewhere but I have yet to find it.  Below is a snip it from HP driver download page for the adapter i am using, which happens to be a HP branded Intel adapter. According to HP "Single NVM Version is new firmware format which represent an unified version in place of the previously used EEPROM/NVM Version or OROM version"

HP has unique firmware version format that doesn’t match the version used by vendor and not called out by OS provider. In my case, I am using VMware. This adapter on the VMware compatibility matrix does not list HP NVM firmware version with the driver, it is listing the intel firmware version. So i have no way of telling if driver/firmware is what I have installed. Based on a previous post by someone on this forum support told him the HP NVM firmware versions correlates somehow with Intel version. For instance, HP NVM 10.4.3 is the equivalent of Intel FW version 7.0, etc.

Intel has this link but mentions nothing about HP NVM. HP does not do this with any other adapters from what I can tell, they use the same firmware format as vendor. If VMware is only recognizing Intel firmware, how do I determine if my adapter is supported in VMware compatibility matrix  -


NIC EEPROM/NVM Version OROM Version Single NVM Version HPE Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 562SFP+ Adapter 80000CD5 1.2028.0 10.4.3


Re: PLEASE help - HP branded Intel adapters firmware

For HPE driver and download website you can see combo image v1.2028.0 breakup and according you can match with VMware Compatibility Guide to determine if the adapter is supported in VMware compatibility matrix.

Below information was captured from the bottom the table from same page.

The combo image v1.2028.0 includes: Boot Agent:

1GbE - v1.5.86,

10GbE - v2.4.32,

40GbE - v1.1.02

UEFI Drivers:

1GbE - v8.6.06,

10GbE - v7.1.06,

40GbE - v3.4.06


VMware Compatibility Guide

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Re: PLEASE help - HP branded Intel adapters firmware



Please share the below information.


  1. What is the exact issue or queries.?
  2. Share the hardware components model.
  3. Share the part number as well.

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