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PT 2 -MR UPS worke only on by-bass mode

Ahmed Hassan_2
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PT 2 -MR UPS worke only on by-bass mode

dera all,
I am trying to install new HP UPS for one system ,it is power trust 6.5kw , the input cables is pre instailled , and I dont have the cable guide for the ups ,I tried to find it on the web but I could not even the support manual ,the part NO for UPS is 0957-2078 ,
the ups is not giving power on ON_line mode ,it give power only on by-buss mode ,
is there any steps I must follow to switch on the UPS on ON-LINE mode?? or the input /output cable are swaped?
can any body send me the cable guide? or the support guide ?

Darren Prior
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Re: PT 2 -MR UPS worke only on by-bass mode


Your UPS model number is A6584, and it looks like they went obsolete last year. The part number for the user manual is a6583-90001, which you may be able to obtain from your local HP office.


Calm down. It's only ones and zeros...