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Part No. xxxxxx-B21 vs xxxxxx-L21


Part No. xxxxxx-B21 vs xxxxxx-L21

As I understood L21 is called FIO(Factory Installed Option), and  it comes with the server by default.

And If I want to add another cpu I have to install  xxxxxx-B21.

my questions are:

1- Is this naming termonology some sort of categorization, for example can I replace L21 by B21 ??

2- Is there a documentaion regarding HPE termonology ?


Thanks for your help

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Re: Part No. xxxxxx-B21 vs xxxxxx-L21

Confusion about HP(E) part numbers exists since HP has introduced them decades ago.

I doubt there is always a rule behind these numbers, have a look for example at this Proliant options list and you will find totally different numbers for other options too:

(some based on former compaq numbers, some based on former HP numbers, etc ...)

Hope this helps!

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