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Performance Status Change Notification. Please help explain.


Performance Status Change Notification. Please help explain.

Can someone please explain to me what this message means and what action do I need to take if it is a problem? Thanks!

Event Name: Performance Status Change
Event originator: [servername]
Event Severity: Minor
Event received: 24-Jul-2006, 09:35:17
Event description: This event is created as the result of receiving a performance status change event from the Performance Analysis tool

Subsystem Name: Memory
Previous Subsystem Status: Normal
Overall Performance Status: Minor
Explanation: High average page read rate (below 5 is normal). However, there is still at least 20 MB of available memory. This can happen when a process is limited in the amount of memory it can allocate and results in high paging even though more memory is available. Thus this situation may look like a bottleneck when it is not.