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Pin layout of Power supply HSTN -PD05 P/N 379123-001

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Pin layout of Power supply HSTN -PD05 P/N 379123-001

Hi Folks,


I want to use a HP power supply HSTN -PD05 P/N 379123-001 ,( lying around here, don't now in which HP Server-System it was used)

as a "of board" (Test) power supply supplying 12Volts.

In order to use it and measure the voltage, outside of a rack first, I need to know which pins of the Power Supply connectors have to be “bridged”


  • to turn the PS on              

  • which pins are use to control the cooling fans. (noise reduction)

Can s.o. here send me a Pin Layout of the PS or even send me some examples (layout,photos....) how to use the PS out of the server as a 12 Volt / 5 Volt PS including the switch on/off and fan control Pin- Layout.


Maybe there is s.o. out there who knows how to modify the PS to (re)load a  12 V ( Car) Battery.