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Plugging in both 110v and 220v?

Cazi Brasga
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Plugging in both 110v and 220v?

Is it possible and safe to plug a server with dual power supplies into 110v on one power supply and 220v on the second power supply?

Basically, I want to transition from 110v to 220v without having to shutdown the server (if I don't have to).

The same scenario applies to Procurve Switches we have.

Any input would be appreciated.

Vaibhav Gandhi
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Re: Plugging in both 110v and 220v?

Hi Cazi,
I think this should be OK, if 110v and 220v are both supported on the server.
It would help to confirm if you could provide server model.
Viktor Balogh
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Re: Plugging in both 110v and 220v?

The two circuits are probably isolated from each other, so it shouldn't be a problem if both are plugged in. The question is, if the transition could be made without downtime, just turning a switch from 110V to 220V, while the OS is running. But for this, I would rather ask HP support, those boxes are damn expensive! ;)
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Re: Plugging in both 110v and 220v?

Important is to wait long enough until the power supply internal capacitors are discharged before you connect the other voltage. If you doing it too quickly, the P.S. will not be able to recognise the changed input voltage. If you wait 1 minute you will be on the safe side.


Also make sure that both supplies (220 and 110V) are properly grounded to the same level.

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