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Poor Support

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Poor Support

Hi Folks,

Can someone provide me with an email or contact number for HPE complaints Dept. I have an ongoing issue with Gen 10 Microserver and I am getting nowhere with the ineffective HPE warranty support people. I already have three case ID's and I have been pursueing the issue since 19th July 2018. The server is still under manufacturers warranty. At this point I really do not want any additonal support from HPE as it really is so poor in quality it would serve just to waste more time. I will not bore you all with the details. I would really appreciate some assistance with the Complaints dept contact information specifically to lodge a complaint about

the lack of service HPE are providing,

the faulty item that HPE have provided

failure of HP to honour their warranty obligations.


Kindest Regards



Re: Poor Support

You may send an email to CERT-CSCB <>

I work for HPE

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Re: Poor Support

Hello Carl,

Have you received a response on your issues?



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Re: Poor Support

Hi Karl

I am still pursuing it. I will know more in the next few days and will post on here.

Thanks for enquiring