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Post errors - 1792 & 1797

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Post errors - 1792 & 1797

I know I should update the firmware of the controller but can't find the correct one....

I am using a 'Compaq Smart 2SL' (Rev A, v2.08).

First Error - 1792 - Slot 1 Drive array... Valid Data found in array accelerator, data will automatically be written to drive array.

Second Error - 1797 - Slot 1 Drive array... Array accelerator read error occurred, array accellerator is disabled.

To compound the problem - F10 has been disabled on boot, so I cannot get at the settings to try to correct the error.
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Re: Post errors - 1792 & 1797


Yes, you can update the firmware on the controller using this SoftPaq:
You need diskette #1.

But do not update the firmware until after you have resolved the errors.

Error 1792 is actually a "good" error in that the controller battery has stored data that was not written to the array prior to shutdown. When the Array is initialized, the controller will write it to the array for you.

Error 1797 is not good. This is a hard parity error on the controller. This can result in data being lost.

Make sure the SCSI cable connections are good. Make sure there are no collections of dust or other objects on the controller.

Try and re-seat the controller in the PCI slot and see if the error goes away. Try the controller in another PCI slot.

If the error does not go away, you have to replace the controller and hope the array(s) was not corrupted.

G'luck! -john
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