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Power Manager 4.2 and DL 380 G4/G5

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Power Manager 4.2 and DL 380 G4/G5


Actually, we have two UPS R3000XR (with just one serial port on it) with an old version of Rack and Power Manager. It's working fine, but this software HP is outdated.

So we receive for test from HP the new HP UPS Management Module (the one with 8 "ethernet" port).

I make the test from a G4 and a G5 DL380 with 2003 Us Std SP2 and the last microsoft patchs but the resultat is the same.
1) I can configure with serial port server (COM1) & Hyperterminal the new module to put a fix Address IP and check that web server is enable.
2) I can go to http://IP_HP_UPS_HPMM site web with the login admin/admin

But when i install Power Manager 4.2(update5), the soft can't find any UPS device (i use the same cable than for Hyperterminal config, juste switch port on UPS), with serial port (COM1 or COM2), or with ethernet link (with admin or MustB6 password).

The Management module firmware :
Firmware Version 1.20.08
Hardware Version 1.00.A

UPS Module :
Model HP R3000 XR
Protocol XCP
Version 2.00

The Serial Command Line Interface is disabled on iLO Card.

Someone have an idea to force the detection by HPPM of UPS device ?

Thank by advance for yours answers.
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Re: Power Manager 4.2 and DL 380 G4/G5

No one have an answers or advice to help ?