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Power Manger 4 - Wrong Run Time Remaining

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Power Manger 4 - Wrong Run Time Remaining

I have an R5500 XR UPS loaded at about 20%, with 2 extended run time modules, but the Power Manger 4.0 software reports only ~ 50 minutes remaining with batteries nearly full (96%) ---

Product information states that at 20% load, with two additional modules, the estimated backup time is ~300 minutes. The 50 min. range is the estimate for the UPS without the additional run-time modules.

Any one knows if it's a glitch with the software? or should I place a call with HP to check batteries/ext. modules?

All the equipment is new - recently installed...



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Re: Power Manger 4 - Wrong Run Time Remaining

To ensure maximum runtime, be sure to configure the UPS for the number of installed ERMs using the UPS front panel controls.