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Power Problem with HP R3000 XR UPS

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Power Problem with HP R3000 XR UPS

I have a 42U rack that comprises of 4 DL 380 G4 servers, MSL5000 tape library, a switch and 2 units of r3000 UPS.Each sever has redundant power supply.I connected each of the power supply on each server to individual UPS. After few months, i noticed the circuit breaker extension box that powers the 2 UPSs will just trip off without any reason. If i put it on, it will go off again after some few minuutes.If i connect just one UPS, this breaker will not trip off.I need to connect the 2 UPSs on these machines. So how how do i do it and what is actually happening? I need a help urgently.
Brian Vo
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Re: Power Problem with HP R3000 XR UPS

-What is your Circuit Breaker Extension box's current rating? with 2 UPS plugged in, would it equal or exceed the rating on the box? did you try with different box?
-Are 2 UPSs loaded equally? what is the input current for each UPS?
-Do you use a power management SW such as HP Power Manager?