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Power Trust II UPS

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Power Trust II UPS

Recently we have installed a L3000 Server on a Power Trust II UPS A6584A/6.5 KW.

It has been observed that when the AC Input Power is present then the Output Voltages are:
Line to Neutral : 232V.
Line to Earth : 233 V.
Neutral to Earth : 1 V.

When the AC Input is Off then the Output Voltages are:
Line to Earth : 232V.
Line to Earth : 115V.
Neutral to Earth : 115V.

I feel that the Output Voltage when the AC Input is not present is not normal/standard and hence not good for L3000.

Can you help me to understand whether the UPS is OK?

Thanks in Advance.
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Re: Power Trust II UPS

Hi there.
The UPS should be ok.
The output may be wired wrong way.
Call HP and get an electrotechnician to check
the wiring.
Alexander M. Ermes

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Re: Power Trust II UPS

The UPS is fine -- but you have a problem with the wiring -- it may go all the way back to building ground entry point.

The problem is either with the ground not being tied to building ground or a problem with no reference for the neutral -- have an electrician verify wiring.

Ross Martin
HP Response Center
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Re: Power Trust II UPS

Thanks for your reply.

The Electrician has checked but he has control on the Input Power only. The Input Voltages are OK and I too feel the same. He is not a UPS expert and hence is not able to comment on the Output Voltages.

We have another set of the same UPS connected to rp8400 Server and it too is behaving in the same fashion.

One set consists of one UPS two battery packs and one I/O Box. The connection has been done as per the Power Trust II UPS manual. I don't find any mistake in wiring too.

Can anyone having the same UPS will check the output voltage when the Input Power is Off and give me the output voltages?


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