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Power Trust & HP3000

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Sue Hisaw
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Power Trust & HP3000

I have an HP3000 918LX connected to an HP Power Trust UPS (HP part #A2941A). The UPS does not work, so I need to replace the battery inside, or replace the UPS. There is a cable labeled "UPS" that runs from a port on the back of the HP3000 to a port on the back of the Power Trust. Does anyone know what the purpose of that cable is, and is it necessary to have a UPS with a port to accommodate that cable? If so, is the battery in that UPS replaceable?

paul courry
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Re: Power Trust & HP3000

The UPS port on your Core IO board on the back of your 918LX is configured in NMMGR. The details are in the manual

Configuring Systems for Terminals, Printers, and Other Serial Devices

You can find the manual on under MPE documentation, system administration.

The cable connects the UPS to the HP3000

The [Go To UPS Port] key takes you to the Uninterruptible Power Supply Port Screen. This screen is used to configure the ldev number,
line speed, and parity on a port of the SCSI/Console LAN card (default ldev 22) to support an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
connection. This port is only available and supported on HP 3000 Series 9X8 systems. Refer to Describing Asynchronous Devices,
and to the Performing System Manager Tasks manual, for more information on the UPS.

From the manual Performing system Management Tasks the purpose of the UPS, the cable and the Monitor/iX UPS software is to:

The UPS contains a serial I/O communications interface that, in conjunction with UPS Monitor/iX software, notifies the
system operator of any problems. Like the battery backup hardware that the UPS devices replace, a system-wide power
failure recovery message is broadcast to all active user terminals and to the console upon the return of power following a
failure. In addition to console messages, the UPS Monitor/iX software also posts a variety of status and warning messages
to the system log files which you can review and analyze to evaluate system performance.

BTW the batteries are emminently replaceable by any UPS servicing company (look under Power Protection Systems in the yellow pages).