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Re: PowerChute install help

Steven Chen_1
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PowerChute install help


I plan to install PowerChute plus on hpux 10.20 and don't know which serial port is not used and which one I should use. Do I have to create one, and how?

I do not have modem used.

Enclosed please find ioscan file and help me from there.

Very appreciated.


James Odak
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Re: PowerChute install help

This might be a little vague

Depending on your server you need to go into service mode
this involves typing CNTL-B at the console while booting
some servers thats all you need to do
some have a key that turns to service
some have a switch on the network card

once in service mode
type he for help
there is a option to set up a a port
(i've used ti to set up modem serial ports
i asume this would be the same for powerchute)

I've installed powerchute on the LC and L series boxes but never on the 9000 servers

hope this helps (and is correct! heh)

Steven Chen_1
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Re: PowerChute install help

Thanks James. My question is can I create one serial port from sam?
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Re: PowerChute install help

hi , pls go to sam ->peripheral and ups to detect your device file for UPS , usually /dev/tty0p1 .
Once u have confirm the device file , then only install the powerchute software and set the correct settings.