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PowerTrust II-MR A6584A Service

Joseph Bonitch
Occasional Contributor

PowerTrust II-MR A6584A Service

Someone was able to get me the manual (User Guide) for a PowerTrust II-MR A6584A that I inherited. I was able to confirm that the unit needs AC input to power up correctly and output AC. I decided to temporarily hook up a 50A outlet to one of my service panels and plug the UPS in.

The unit powers up and seems to work fine. The batteries had 50% charge and I was able to charge them to 4-leds but I did not do a real load test.

One thing bothers me: the unit buzzes quite loud. Is there anyone on this list with one of these UPS's that had this problem and had it fixed? Any idea what the problem is/was and was it expensive to fix? One of the guys that works here said it's probably some capacitors that need to be replaced. Any experience with HP service regarding a problem like this?

Any input will be appreciated.