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PowerTrust UPS A2997A

Ross Chesley
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PowerTrust UPS A2997A

Seeking online documentation for the hardware. Found a really horrible price for a manual ($62) p/n 5962-3669, but I want to have a pdf or other online resource which will provide the basic information needed to setup and maintain this unit.

Any suggestions? Why is it so hard to find basic information like this on the standard HP site? A search produces nothing, and these products do not place themselves into categories like HP does--I guess they think we read minds or that everyone thinks the same way...

I would appreciate any assistance that can be provided to allow me to setup and test this unit, plus know more about the product information...
Alexander M. Ermes
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Re: PowerTrust UPS A2997A

Hi there.
Check the url :

Alexander M. Ermes
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