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PowerTrust UPS Manual

Roger Beavans
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PowerTrust UPS Manual

Looking for a maintenance manual for the A2998A UPS. Specifically schematic diagrams. I have a stack of these I would like to fix. Please e-mail me at if you can help me out.

thanks -roger
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steven Burgess_2
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Re: PowerTrust UPS Manual


Have got some of these at work, on-line.

Not in the office till this evening - weekend of nights (aarrgghhh!!!)

Will have a look and send them to you


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Re: PowerTrust UPS Manual

Hi Roger

You may like to see this

Manoj Srivastava
Trevor Roddam_1
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Re: PowerTrust UPS Manual

The best I can do online from HP is.

Might be of benifit also.

I've tried to seach for these in the past and didn't get far.
Hope these help.
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Kenneth Bruner
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Re: PowerTrust UPS Manual

Here is a link at Avnet. I HP actually referred me here.
Rick Knisely
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Re: PowerTrust UPS Manual

Roger, I have the manual for Model A2998A, if you still require this information, contact me at email below.

Rick Knisely
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