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Problem with HP UPS R5560

Dragoslav Milosevic
New Member

Problem with HP UPS R5560

When I attached a HP UPS R5560 by using a serial cable to the DL380 G6 showed it to me in the Device Manager. And the installation went well and in the end it was all right, but at one point, for no apparent reason, missing device HP R5560 XR UPS from Device Manager.
In spite of restarting the server device does.

What should I do?
Advance grateful.

Re: Problem with HP UPS R5560

Hi Dragoslav,

what is the server model to which UPS is connected.

Check the serial port connections with hyperterminal.

It has been seen that serial port access is restricted when serial port is used by ILO. so need to disable ILO CLI serial console from system bios to use physical serial port in some servers.

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Brian Vo
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Re: Problem with HP UPS R5560

Using the attached *.inf file for your serial PnP driver. When asking for driver, point it to this file where you save it.

Dragoslav Milosevic
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Re: Problem with HP UPS R5560


I checked the serial port, it's okay. I tried to turn off ILO2, but nothing.
I do not issue driver but a table in the device manager does not have this UPS device.

Re: Problem with HP UPS R5560


Re: Problem with HP UPS R5560

I have had similar ongoing issues losing connection to the UPS after the server has been patched or received windows updates. Reboot doesnt work and if running HP Power Manager, re-running the config util doesn't re-establish connection either.
The only way I have been able to resolve is to:-

remove serial cable from server
shutdown the server
remove power cords for 10 seconds
power cords back in and bootup
when back in windows or whatever os then re-attach serial cable.

This always seems to work but is a last resort and obviously requires downtime.