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Proliant dl 585 g5 bios re-install

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Proliant dl 585 g5 bios re-install

Having recently acquired a proliant dl585 g5 server for home use (essentially I'm aiming for it to be a media server and to automate a few common tasks like back ups) I have been attempting to learn about it and get it working. Unfortunately when I attempted to update the bios manually something appears to have gone wrong and it now says that the bios is invalid. I used the files from this site ( )  to do it, unfortunately the provided usb creation system didn't work so I made a bootable usb stick using the iso file.

This was clearly partially successful as it has uploaded something but the server now counts the ram and then says that the file is not correct for the system and shuts down. So I have no access to bios and can only repeat the proceedure to install a new bios file... Only I can't find a different one.

Is there a different one available that I can install and then install debian onto the system to use the debian update system to update to the latest bios? Where can I find it? and can I install it using the same method I did before? Or do I need to throw this  machine out and start again?

I'd apreciate any help / advice anyone can offer.

Thanks in advance


Re: Proliant dl 585 g5 bios re-install



Please use SPP Bundle to update all firmware.

Last SPP version supported was 2014.06.0 (Jun 27, 2014)


Download ISO and make USB bootable then boot with that and follow the instruction, it will automatically update all the firmware.


Hope this help!




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