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Prosignia 720 tape drive failure

Dawn Ashford
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Prosignia 720 tape drive failure

This is the 3rd DDS3 tape drive that's failed. The other 2 where under a service contract and when I called for service they had me run a diagnostic test from a CD.. I thought it was the Smart Start CD, but I must be wrong. When I booted from that CD I didn't find any type of diagnostic menu. Does anyone know what the process is for running the diagnostics if they are on that CD? I have several other CD, maybe I'm mistaken in thinking it's the Smart Start CD?? We are not having CRC errors this time, but the tape has failed 3 nights in a row, and we are having some other very weird issues that started when the tape failed.
Eugeny Brychkov
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Re: Prosignia 720 tape drive failure

clean drive after every 5 full backups or 20 tape pulling hours. Diagnostic software, HP LTT, can be found at