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QRST5 image error on download

April Amey

QRST5 image error on download

Tthree people have tried to download and explode the SP19677.exe file - Options Rompaq for Array Controllers - onto 2 different machines at different sites. We get the following error when trying to explode it:

ERROR 07: QRST5 Image Error, Bad QRST5 file
(Quick Release Sector Transfer, v5.03)

Any help would be appreciated as we're getting ready to move these servers to NetWare 6.0.


Stephen Grimmer
Trusted Contributor

Re: QRST5 image error on download

Hi.. I downloaded it and didn't see any problems... Are you seeing this when making the diskettes or during the initial expand process?

Make sure you save the sp19677.exe file to disk first then run it. Sometimes that causes problems...

Also disable antivirus software, sometimes that gets in the way also...

I downloaded it from here...