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R/T 2200 UPS not shutting down OS

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R/T 2200 UPS not shutting down OS

We have a HP R/T 2200 UPS with 2 servers connected to it. One is directly connected and the the other is by remote agent. Today we had a power outage of about 15 minutes. The remotely agent server  was shut down by the Power management software (HP power manager 4.1) after 5 mintues as per the settings. The directly connected server has an indication in the Windows system event log that it will shut down in 5 minutes but it did not shut down and remained up until the power came back.

How can I get the power management software to shut down the server properly.

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Re: R/T 2200 UPS not shutting down OS



Is the Server directly connected to the UPS configured as the Management server.

To Configure the shutdown for the Management Server, request you to refer to page 83 of the userguide. You can download the userguide from the following link :

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