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R3000 UPS CPM Software

New Member

R3000 UPS CPM Software

Hi All,

Hope someone might be able to help me out. I have a Proliant 2500 connected to a R3000 UPS. I have installed Compaq Power Management software ver 2.02 successfully. However, apart from the status & software tabs all the others bring up the message: "error: could not read data". Does anyone know what's causing this? It's extremely frustrating as I cannot setup the UPS. The services start fine and I get the little green battery icon in the taskbar detailing UPS coomunications have been established.

Please help!

Many thanks,

New Member

Re: R3000 UPS CPM Software


Quick question: does anyone at Compaq / HP know anything about these UPS's. It seem that most questions related to them go completely unaswered.

I realise that it may not be their responsibility to support this forum and answer everyone's questions but it sure does show a complete lack of interest.