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R3000 UPS, ERM and UPS Management Module

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R3000 UPS, ERM and UPS Management Module

I have the following equipment:
R3000 UPS p/n AF414A
Extended Runtime Module p/n AF415A
UPS Management Module p/n AF401A

The Management Module appears correctly configured and is seeing the UPS. The load is approximately 50%. However the runtime is only 10 minutes. From looking at the runtime charts this suggests that it does not see the ERM. I then configured the ERM from the front panel and reset the Management Module but it still shows 10 minutes and shows no displays that indicate it knows of the ERM. Also the manual of the Management Module does not mention ERMs. Does this mean that the Management Module is not compatible with the ERM and cannot be used to configure longer runtimes? Please can someone provide some information on this. If this is true it is somewhat disappointing as these three items should work together. Thanks
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Re: R3000 UPS, ERM and UPS Management Module

Actually I just wanted to update this post since I contacted HP support and the issue now is resolved. Basically you have to use ERM Configurator. I initially thought you didn't have to do this because you could set the number of ERMs from the front panel. In any case after using the ERM Configurator now the runtime is reported correctly as 48 minutes.