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R3000 UPS - change input voltage?

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R3000 UPS - change input voltage?



Is it possible to change the input stage of the R3000 UPS to work on a different voltage? My UPS is for 100/110, and I need to take it overseas to work on 220V. Do I need to purchase a new unit completely?




Re: R3000 UPS - change input voltage?

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You have low voltage UPS. Probably AF422A which is designed to meet country specific electrical requirements/specifications. Even Input power cord and output receptacles are country specific. in other words AF422A is not designed to work with high voltage devices. I guess in your UPS Available Utility Voltage Settings are : 100, 110, 120, 127.


there is a possiblity to use this UPS in high voltage environment if you get the power cord or coverter which meet eletrical specifications at both end (Input and output receptacle) or PDU which support both specifications. Most servers have an auto-sensing feature that allows the device to automatically adjust to voltage levels ranging from 100V-240V.


However, I have personally not tested this and would not suggest you to use this rather advice you to buy a New UPS which meets country specific electrical requirement.


please refer UPS quickspecs and User guide for more information.

User Guide:






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