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Paul Madore
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R3000 UPS

I have a few R3000 XR UPS's that have been running for about 6 months. Now I am connecting them to our servers with the supplied serial cables. I also loaded the HPPM 4.1 software and I updated the firmware on the UPS's to version 2.0.

I am having a problem with the servers automatically rebooting if the UPS serial cable is connected. With or without the HPPM software and using firmware 1.09 or 2.00, the server will reboot when it is Shutdown if the serial cable is connected. If I unplug the cable and Shutdown, it will stay off. As soon as I plug the cable back in, it turns on. Kind of a problem because when the power goes out and the software shuts it down, it reboots right away.

I happened to have one APC SmartUps and the whole scenario works fine but I am using the APC serial cable.

Anyone have an idea? Desparate here...I have 25 of these HP UPS's and I can't get one to work right. HP tech support said "I don't have an answer for you".

Brian Vo
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Re: R3000 UPS

Try this:
Assume you're running Windows OS. Click on Start, right-click on My Computer, select Manage. Open Services, locate Uninterruptible Power Supply in the long list, change the Status to Stop (blank) and the Startup Type is "Manual" or "Disabled".
Let only the HP Power Manger controls the UPS