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Re: R3000 XR UPS Bad Battery problem persists

New Member

R3000 XR UPS Bad Battery problem persists

Greetings everyone,

After replacing batteries in our R3000 XR model , we constantly have the utility led solid green and bad battery led flashing red with a 5 second beep.
We left batteries to charge 24 hours and then initiated a battery test but still have the same problem.It seems like there is no battery connected at all.When we cut off supply the ups turns on instantly.

After talking to an HP local representative he decided to replace us the entire unit. We got a brand new one R3000 unit but still face the same problem! When the ups gets power the utility led is green but bad battery flashes red.

Is it possible that is something to do with
our power supply ?
What are the odds that both units are faulty ?
I've read all the manual many times and can't
find any other clues.

Thanks in advance
New Member

Re: R3000 XR UPS Bad Battery problem persists

Yes there is a possibilty that the power supply isn't producing enough power try swaping with another 1 that has higher watts 500 will be good.

Re: R3000 XR UPS Bad Battery problem persists

I have had a similar issue several times in the past and after replacing batteries still same symptoms persist. It normally requires the power/electronic module in the UPS to be replaced.