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R5500 UPS management module intial config

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R5500 UPS management module intial config

I have four new R5500s each with a management module. I can't get connected to any of them using hyper terminal. I have followed the directions and double checked everything numerous times, but it just doesn't work.

I have tried from an XP laptop, a few different HP servers. I made sure that I have the connection set up with 115200-8-N-1-N, but I can't get any output to hyper terminal.

I have also tried various serial cable combinations. Any ideas?


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Re: R5500 UPS management module intial config

I just went through this...You need to use that blue RJ45->9pin connector with a STANDARD ethernet patch cable.

Connect it to the host's serial port (or laptop serial port), open hyperterminal, select the settings you mention above, and then connect.

THEN go to the UPS module and press the reset button on the module - this should reboot the card, and you should see the card boot via hyperterminal. Interrupt the boot when you see the message "press any key within 5 seconds".

You'll then be dumped into a configuration menu, where you can set the IP.

Hope that helps.