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R5500 XR Issues...

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R5500 XR Issues...

Hi Everybody...

Just starting to put together my rack and threes no better way to start fresh with all updates and firmware up to date.

Last night the UPS's arrived ( 2x R5500XR and 2x ERM modules )

I had the electrician out today and had the wiring checked out and powered up the unit for the first time.

Right away they fired up and stayed in By-pass mode and left them alone to charge for a few hours before I started to mess with them. I went off to run some errands in the meantime. I got home around 8 and decided to inspect the units and see how they are doing. When I turned them on observed a 70% charge and decided to shut them down and see what firmware version is. Checked on HPs website and latest showed 2.08 so I downloaded it and used the eflash tool to check firmware on both the serial and inverter module. Both showed version 1.40, not thinking any further I went ahead with the upgrade. Update went smoothly, UPS went into Maintenance mode, firmware update finished successful and then restarted after which the software pulled out of the maintenance mode and that's when something odd happened.


Utility LED began to flash 3 times green and 2 times red then you can hear a click Sound and the whole process starts over.

I spent nearly 2 hrs on the phone with HP Support and they have no clue what's going on.

However I did find out that ver 2.08 was meant for UPS running more than 2 ERM modules.


Does anyone know how what's going on ??

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Re: R5500 XR Issues...

Found my issue...

The Electrician is and IDIOT !!!

He hooked up 1 live and 1 nuetural in the wrong socket !!

So instead of the 230V i was seing 115V... no wonder why it was acting weird.