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R5500 XR extreme runtime legth ?


R5500 XR extreme runtime legth ?

we have here a new R5500 XR HP UPS with HP Management module. The UPS powers 4 HP servers with Intel QuadCores, EMC disk array, SAN switche, Tape library etc.

When I look into the management web page I see in the overview section "Run Time Remaining 455 Min".

It seems to me that I need to calibrate the UPS somehow to let it show the correct runtime. I do not think that with so many components it could have such long runtime on battery.

Could anybody please let me know on how to do that on this UPS?

Thanks for any help.


Re: R5500 XR extreme runtime legth ?


What percent loaded is the UPS showing and how many Extended Runtime Modules do you have connected and configured on the R5500?

The tables in the User Guide indicate that you can get 300+ minutes of runtime with 2 ERM's and a 20% load.

James T. White

Re: R5500 XR extreme runtime legth ?

Dear James,

first thanks for answering. This issue sort of solved itself, because last month, when we did rebuild the main cable racks the power went down and this UPS had to hold all the equipment for its maximum battery capacity. After this the Web interface now shows the "Run time remaining" field with 24 minutes. Which is more realistic then the value before.

As to your questions. The UPS shows load at 31% and we have no ERM modules yet, just the base UPS. I plan to buy at least 1 ERM, because our internal company regulations require that the servers with basic networking infrastructure can hold for at least 30 minutes after power failure occurs.
I hope that with 1 additional ERM I can achieve this.

Anyway, thanks for your help. Next time I know that I have to connect the equipment and let at least one power failure occur manualy otherwise the UPS shows non-realistic value. I wonder though if there is a way to calibrate this UPS without calling for such drastic measures as a real power failure.