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RDP Web Console

Hi, we have been experiencing problems getting the web console working on RDP 2.20.

The main page will pop up at http://ServerName/DSWeb/default.aspx and then when you go to expand the Deployment Servers tree it will eventually timeout with "Unable to connect" message.

Here's the kicker. It works with one account so far on the same machine or from any other machine including the local server web console. That account was not the account that did the install nor has any extra security on the server or the database. It may have been the first account used to access the web site however if that helps any.

For reference, we do not have the Global Security turned on currently.

One other item that we tried was adding a second deployment server(running previous RDP version) to the list and it also does not complete connection when trying to expand the deployment server tree. Conversely, if we use that same second deployment server and go to its web console we can expand both servers with any account. From all the IIS settings we have checked so far things look the same. Going to run a difference on the web code to see if anything is different there as well.