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Rack KVM HP TFT 7600

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Re: Rack KVM HP TFT 7600


Any news about this problem from any one??



Re: Rack KVM HP TFT 7600

After a very long discussion with HP, they won't take back the already purchased TFT 7600 (we bought three of these). They are willing to pay us some money as a kind of rapartion. The thing is, that Money won't solve the Problem - we don't want money, we want to have working RKM's.

Everything further is only a fight with HP. Am a realy disappointed with HP. I cannot understand this Behavior. They say "Yes that piece of harfware is bad" and on the other hand they say "Sorry, not our fault". I'm thinking about calling a HP Technician every week to configure the Screen resolution on every server. Happy System Admin's Day!
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Re: Rack KVM HP TFT 7600

I found the below steps that may solve the problem...But it didn't work for me :(

Could someone try it and feed us back with his results

Enabling the TFT7600 native display
resolution of 1440x900 in HP-UX
1. Create a new XF86Config file. As root, execute the command:
cp /usr/newconfig/etc/X11/XF86Config /etc/X11
2. Edit the /etc/X11/XF86Config file.
3. Find the Monitor section of the configuration file and add the line:
Modeline "1440x900" 106.472 1440 1520 1672 1904 900
901 904 932 -hsync +vsync
4. Change the VertRefresh line of the Monitor section to:
VertRefresh 60.0
5. Find the Screen section of the configuration file.
6. Find the Display subsection of the Screen section.
7. Change the Modes line in the Display subsection to:
Modes "1440x900"
8. Save the new XF86Config file.
9. Restart the X server, if it is running. The X server can be restarted by
terminating the process named /usr/bin/X11/X. If you have the CDE
desktop running, it now starts a new X server. The TFT 7600 native
display resolution 1440x900 is enabled.

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Re: Rack KVM HP TFT 7600

We have two HP TFT7600's and the issue we're having is, the screens blank out after being forced out of their 1440x900 resolution range by remote users who login to the servers remotely from higher resolution terminals. Once it's "locked", can do anything from the screen anymore. tried resetting the cables and no luck. the only fix so far is restarting the server.



any ideas?