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Rack Keyboard/Trackball KB9968

Jason Williams_8

Rack Keyboard/Trackball KB9968

I have a compaq rack mounted keyboard/trackball combo. On the keyboard it shows model KB-9968 and a spare part number of 164989-001.

It has hotkeys to switch between servers on a compaq KVM. Well, we blew out the KVM and I replaced it with a generic. Is there a way to reprogram the number hotkeys so they will work with the new KVM?

Justin Reynolds_2
New Member

Re: Rack Keyboard/Trackball KB9968

Configuring the Keyboard with Hot Keys and Trackball

Hot Key Programmable Functionality Support
The 10 hot keys are supported in the Windows 98 and 2000, and NT. Ten keys have been provided to allow for customization of the required server access within each specific environment. The first key is a programming wizard key that allows the user to reprogram the next eight hot buttons by initiating the programming operations mode or to set it back to the original defaults. The eight hot keys keys are for server identification and to support quick access to the most frequently used servers. The 10th key is present to support a future feature addition.
To program the eight hot keys, follow this sequence:
Press the Programming Wizard Key.
Press the Print Scrn key.
Identify the device.
To select the standalone server on port 6 of the Master Switch, type: 6

To select the first server on the Slave Switch 1, type: 1 â 1

To select the eighth server on the Slave Switch 1, type: 1 â 8
To select the fourth server on the Slave Switch 3, type: 3 â 4
Press the enter key.
Select the Hot Key to be assigned.
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