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Re: Rack and Power Manager 1.1

Pavel Jiracek
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Rack and Power Manager 1.1

Does anybody know how to configure event responses if I humbly require the OS (win2k) only to shutdown gracefully if there is On battery event but if the utility power is back within a short time interval (20s) I want the shutdown to be cancelled. I've experimented with various settings but never managed to cancell the shutdown.
I also had troubles with the installation and upgrade from version 1 and also with scheduled restarts but that's another story. These early versions seem to be pretty bad!
Bill Place_1
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Re: Rack and Power Manager 1.1

Rack and Power Manager will cancel a shut down if power is restored before the shut down message is sent to the OS.

All you should need to do is:
1. Install RPM 1.1
2. Discover and manage a UPS and the system agent "Agent" that will be associated with the UPS
3. Associate the agent with a load segment on the UPS.
4. On the Power Fail Settings under the Devices tab configure the runtimes for each agent associated with each load segment. Make sure you un check the Infinite box. Infinite over rides all power wfail settings.

Note: You do not need to set up an event responce to shut down the server for a Power Failure event.
Pavel Jiracek
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Re: Rack and Power Manager 1.1

Thanks Bill,
I have actually carried out all the things you are suggesting. (and various other combinations) However, the results were not very satisfactory. Without defining an Event response to On battery, the server did not shutdown gracefully at all. And even with this, the shutdown is not aborted when the power is back.
I've been testing this with a new UPS T1000 XR and a new server ML370 G3 so everything should work OK.