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Rack and power Manager

Christian Dionne
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Rack and power Manager

The first time i enter the program, i got Invalid user name & password. For the username, i have entered "admin".
Richard Litchfield
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Re: Rack and power Manager

You set the password when you install the program. The initial username is admin.
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Re: Rack and power Manager

I used username of 'admin' and password of 'admin' even though I typed different passwords during the installation.

The HP Rack and Power software is really aweful. The CMC 'lite' management software was even worse, so guess they are going in the right direction.

It appears to me HP outsources the development of the UPS and CMC software, and that the company does a really poor job.
malcolm ison
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Re: Rack and power Manager

Guys, I guess not many people are using this software...

I need to implement it, but im not sure how the servers talk to the UPS for linking in with Insight manager....

Does a cable NEED to go from a server you want to monitor, directly to the UPS - like a comms cable or something.

Or can it be done via just one server acting as the master which is plugged in physically with a comms cable, and then the other servers use this server (if configured) to talk to the UPS and the other servers with SNMP...

Im confused...
Bradley King

Re: Rack and power Manager

You can add the RPM mib to insight manager, once you configure a notification recipient under 'SNMP Traps' to be your Insight Manager server, insight manager will receive snmp traps from the event responses that you have configured to use snmp notification.

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Re: Rack and power Manager

I wouldnt recommend this software to anyone unless your prepared for a lot of heart ache.

On a Pentium III 800Mhz it runs at 80/90% CPU and it is only communicating with two R6000 UPS'es. Who knows why? The software uses ibserver a freeware database based on Paradox.

It doesnt work correctly with SNMP modules which we purchased with the R6000's. We had to resort back to serial cable connection to allow us to control the five power segments.

The software supports redundant UPS configurations but itself isnt redundant? Just see example E in the user documentation. This what we sold to the client. So if the software is not running forget about the system shuting down correctly. Also its behaviour is not predictable and shutdown and startup sequencing was only reliable after considerable amount of trial and error testing.

There is no support for this product. We gave up trying to get a response from HP. This is the problem with it being outsource.