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Radius config with 2003 server and Cisco Aironet

dan bhaoook
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Radius config with 2003 server and Cisco Aironet

I'm trying to setup a radius server using Windows 2003 Server. I've configured IAS and set a policy to allow my client a Cisco Aironet 1131ag access point and use windows group based authentication. I've set the shared key for server and client and opened the firewall for ports 1645,1645,1812,1813.

When I try to connect with the laptop I'm not given any option of entering my domain credentials. It just seems to want a wireless key for the access point for association - if I remove the key it shows the network as being unsecured.

Does anyone have a some good resources such as step by step guide on how to setup radius in 2003 (- preferrably using mschap v2 as this seems to be a secure default)?