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Recommend a KVM for C3600 and Windows PC?

Michael Bracewell
Occasional Contributor

Recommend a KVM for C3600 and Windows PC?

I'm about to get a new C3600 to replace an aging Sun workstation on my desk. I'd like to take the opportunity to get rid of the 2 keyboards, mice, etc. that I have now for accessing it and my Windows laptop.

I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a KVM switch that works well at 75HZ or better refresh rates and that will also switch the USB keyboard/mouse on a C3600. I guess I could use one of those converters from PS/2 to USB for the HP side; any ideas on how best to proceed and what brand switches work wel in a Visualize environment?

advTHANKSance for any and all suggestions!
Alex Glennie
Honored Contributor

Re: Recommend a KVM for C3600 and Windows PC?

I'm an HP Engineer working supporting Xwindows in the UK Response Centre. We had similar needs sometime ago : after discussing with several customers the merits of certain switches on the market I would say one of the best packages available are from a company called

We have heard a lot of problems switching between Xwindows & NT, NT to NT is usually fine. Problems include keyboard mappifgs and a few other funnies.
The duette switches seem to work fine however between Xwindows/hpux and windows/NT, and I and several other enginners have had no complaints in over a year.

PS their tech support is pretty good/ fast to react as well.