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Reset KVM switch console password (336044-B21)

wali chabi
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Reset KVM switch console password (336044-B21)

Hi everybody!
After shutdowning and unplugging the power cable on the KVM and then power it on again the following message displayed on the RKM screen "Free". When I press on the "Print screen " key, I get the following message which appears on the screen: "Type the password required to gain access to OSD".
I'm very suprise to see this message because I have never configured a password on this machine.

- Please how can I remove or reset this password?
- How to get the default password?

Thank for your cooperation
Steven M P
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Re: Reset KVM switch console password (336044-B21)

Now I can't promise that HP's cocsoles are exactly like Dell's... and we're a Dell shop, but to unlock a console you can use the default password of 00000000 (eight zero's).