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Restricting Access to Central Web Console

Jonathan Walker
Occasional Contributor

Restricting Access to Central Web Console

I am trying to restrict access to certain sections of the CWC. I have managed to restrict access to console groups and consoles but I am unable to restrict access to the functions that provide administration abilities.

I have read a configuration presentation for CWC 2.0 and this mentions the use of .htaccess / .ht_passwd and .ht_group files. Eg.

/hpcwc_docs/hptt/data directory. Add the following lines to this file:
AuthType Basic
AuthName iuCWC Console Data Accessla
AuthGroupFile /opt/apache/security/.ht_group
AuthUserFile /opt/apache/security/.ht_passwd
require group cwcusers

But the Installation guide for CWC 2.1 does not make any reference to it. I have used the standard template provided by hp for the httpd.conf file to configure apache for use with CWC.

Has anyone set this kind of restriction on this product.

I would also apreciate feed back on administrators who have installed the product and find any gotchas.