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SAS vs SATA SSDs on a DL380 Gen10

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SAS vs SATA SSDs on a DL380 Gen10

Hello everyone,,

We are configuring a new server (DL380 Gen10 P02466B21), and decided to go all SSDs. We are a small-ish company of around 20 people.

The server will run about 20 Hyper-V VMs (with roles such as DC, S4B, ADSync, RDS, Exchange, SQL server for Dynamics GP, and an internal web server). We will replicate the most important things to our "old" (3 years) server.

Will we see any performance benefit using SAS SSDs over SATA SSDs? They cost approximately twice as much, but if there is a significant performance benefit, our budget will allow it.

We would get about 9x 960 GB drives configured in RAID 10 with a hot spare. Below are the two drives I've been considering. I'm aware the SAS drive is "read intensive" but there's no way we're going to be anywhere near 1 DWPD with our company size and usage patterns.



Re: SAS vs SATA SSDs on a DL380 Gen10



12 Gb SAS SSD drives are indeed a better choice considering performance factor.


Please refer HPE SSD Quicspecs to check and compare SSD drive specification (Speed, IOPS, Throughput..)


Please use SSD selector tool to choose the right SSD depending upon your workload.

HPE Solid-State Drive Selector V2.0.1


I randomly picked two drives (SATA SSD vs SAS SSD) for comparison:


P04564-X21 HPE 960GB SATA 6G Read Intensive SFF SC PM883 SSD 1,400 0.80  535 / 495        105 / 36    65,000 / 29,000  76,000@Q32     /29,000@Q4

P04517-X21 HPE 960GB SAS 12G Read Intensive SFF SC PM5     SSD  1,752 1.00 1,075 / 1,030  135 / 35   104,000 / 47,000 165,000@Q32 / 47,000@Q4


SAS SSD Max Random READ/Max Random WRITE appears to be double compare to SATA SSD (Highlighted in Bold)


Hope this help!



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