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SWC - Console - Terminal Emulation

Roger Lavender
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SWC - Console - Terminal Emulation

I have three consoles - 2 under firmware 1.9 and 1 under firmware 1.8. All have connectivity and are configured.

When accessing the console window using either the HP2392 or the VT100 Terminal Types, all I get is garbage on the screen....

Any ideas????
Pete Randall
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Re: SWC - Console - Terminal Emulation


Try setting the term variable:

export TERM=hp
export TERM=vt100


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Re: SWC - Console - Terminal Emulation

Hi Roger

power off the console.

while powering ON hold ctrl+d, this will set the console to factory defaults.

if you still getting the garbage then press menu key (between F4 and F5) choose terminal config. press F2( for hp, EM100, EM220 etc) press F1 to save. This should resolve your problem.
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