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Second basket for DL 380 G10 via the expansion card to Raid

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Second basket for DL 380 G10 via the expansion card to Raid

Good afternoon, colleagues.
We have a Server DL380 Gen10 (879938-B21)
P408i-a / 2GB, (8/24 SFF 2.5 ")
There are 8 disks in the current basket and a raid is configured.
2 disks in raid1
HPE 400GB SAS MU SFF SC DS SSD - (P04525-B21)

3 discs in raid5
HPE 1.6TB SAS 12G Mixed Use SFF - (P04533-B21)

3 drives raid5

We would like to install one more basket with 8 disks, put 8 more HPE 2TB 2.5 "(SFF) SAS 7.2K 12G HotPlug w Smart Drive SC 512e disks in it and connect it to the existing raid controller via an expansion card.

870549-B21 HPE DL38X Gen10 12Gb SAS Expander Card Kit with Cables (enable 24 SFF field upgrade) 1
826690-B21 HPE DL38X Gen10 Premium 6 SFF SAS / SATA + 2 NVMe or 8 SFF SAS / SATA Bay Kit 1

Will the already configured raids of the first basket be preserved when connected via the expansion card 870549-B21 to the controller, will there be any difficulties in setting up raid10 on disks from the second basket?


Re: Second basket for DL 380 G10 via the expansion card to Raid


Yes, you can do that and it will not cause any data loss.

and you can configure Raid10 from second backplane drives.


but please consider following:

1. Please keep data backup before making any configuration changes.

2. Update latest Firmware for controller and expander as there are few critical fixes, also update latest controller driver based on the OS.

Expander: (4.22)

Controller (2.65)

3. Ensure that you do cabling correctly (Drive Backplanes to Expander & Expander to Controller)

4. Manage array and logical drive using SSA (Offline/online)

  You can access SSA offline from Intelligent Provisioning/SPP/Offline SSA  or Install SSA Utility in the OS.

Few useful reading:

Drive bay numbering: SAS expander

Cabling (Point 12 & Point 13)

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