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Secure Web Console J3591A firmware downgrade

Stef Delattre
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Secure Web Console J3591A firmware downgrade


I've recently bought a Secure Web Console to remotely control a Sun Netra T1 105 through the LOM port. When I received the SWC, it was flashed with firmware A1.9 and worked perfectly but before installing it on the Netra, I decided to upgrade the SWC to its latest firmware (A2.0) I had downloaded from another thread here :

The upgrade went well but the secure web console now acts very strangely, the Java applet hangs and my browser crashes. I read on many forums that the version A2.0 causes many problems with Sun JAVA 1.6 so I revert back to 1.5 and it _very approximately_ works.

Of course, I do regret the firmware upgrade and would like to downgrade it back to A1.9 but I cannot find the files. The ftp server mentionned everywhere on HP documents ( is not responding and last week, when it did respond, it seemed to be a severely hacked ftp server. Can I rely on it?

While I was searching for the A2.0 firmware, I remember seeing the IP address of another ftp server that was hosting SWC firmware revisions.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.